Snow removal

parc national de la vanoise

Anyone living or working in the mountains will have to deal with snow removal!

During the winter season, Alto actively participates in snow removal missions at height and on the ground for individuals, companies and communities.

Imminent snow removal

Snow removal in the mountains is often a daunting, repetitive and difficult task, especially when snowflakes are falling heavily. Too dense snow may require more specific tools than a simple shovel, which Alto can provide. Indeed, our technicians work with specialised and effective equipment (snow throwers, snow clearing machines, etc.).

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Too much snow=danger!

Excess snow accumulation on roofs, eaves and chimneys can be dangerous, especially for the roof, which risks overloading or even subsiding over time. Any water infiltration can also weaken a home’s foundations.

Our know-how

  •  Snow removal at height
  •  Snow removal on the ground and pedestrian areas
  •  Securing (cornices, elimination of ice, etc.)


Responsiveness is one of our key commitments. Whatever the accumulation of snow or the area to be cleared, our teams guarantee rapid work. For this, we are ready to intervene as soon as a strong snowfall is announced.

Our areas of intervention


Of chalets, hotels, apartments, etc. Our professionals are qualified for the deconstruction or dismantling of all types of buildings.
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Window cleaning

Upstairs window, difficult to access or at standing height ? Our technicians ensure the optimal cleaning of your surfaces in complete safety.
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Tree topping

Tree topping, felling, pruning and maintenance of green spaces, our teams work in the safest conditions.
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